About Us


Rebaca was founded in 2002 with partners having over 35 years of experience and a team of full-time engineers who were experts in software development. Our clients range from OEMs to Solution Providers to System Integrators. We train and mentor our teams to develop products which meet the market requirements in Digital TV, Enterprise Video, Mobile Network and Orchestration. Rebaca’s experience in multiple OS and Communication technologies makes us capable of providing sophisticated solutions in native level, virtual environment, to develop high-level application and much more. The company practices internationally accepted development standards and meticulously analyzes the progress to deliver world-class software solutions.


Our software solutions and services bring a unique value proposition to the table. Team Rebaca works closely with their customers to thoroughly plan requirement specifications, development strategies, design tools and periodic validation of the software. This planning model is customized for each solution to ensure the best fit for its market demand and scale of operations.


Effectively using the intuition based on experience and set project management standards, our core engineering team is capable of successfully delivering customer requirements.


Increased cost savings and flexible scaling through onshore/offshore combination, and the option of hourly or fixed pricing models.


Customer satisfaction and project dashboard reports tracked by our QMG and PMO teams. Top level commitment to all deliveries run by engineering BU heads ensures high quality software solutions.


Resources undergo a screening process before being injected into a project. After delivery, software bugs reported by the customer are fixed by Rebaca gratis. Based on the “Success Story” of a completed project, performance based incentives are rewarded to team members.

Constant and effective communication is the key to organisational excellence. Every member of the Rebaca team plays an integral role towards the company objectives. It is essential that we nurture this team.
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